About Us

Our Story

Every Club has a beginning, and this is our story.  The Club was started in 1946 by a group of guys who created an organization that would promote in every legitimate way the interest of all sportsmen and lovers of wildlife, including fish, game, fur bearing animals and songbirds; and to cooperate with the State Department of Conser­vation in attaining these objectives; with the interest the land owners and tenants in mind.   The Club is by membership only.  When referred by a current member, for a small initiation and yearly membership fee, your family can enjoy fishing, boating, use of the club house for parties and other functions.  Members are expected to contribute their expertise, such as doing physical work, cutting grass, serving as officers, be available twice a year for work days for the general welfare of the club.  The upkeep and operation of the Club is by volunteers only.