(a) When coming to the lake to fish, register in mailbox by bridge when entering the grounds and record the catch in same place when you leave the grounds.
(b) Observe the limits posted on signs.  No fishing with minnows, gold fish, nor carp.
(c) No fish cleaning on the grounds, in the lake, or in the clubhouse.
(d) Observe rules for using boats.
(e) Respect others.
(f) Lake is CLOSED to fishing each year for three weeks following stocking, usually late March.
2. Use of Clubhouse -
(a) When you wish to reserve the Clubhouse or either pavilion, indicate the following information on the calendar in the Clubhouse, located by the Ladies restroom entrance:
- Member's name
- Membership number
- Number of people expected in party
- Time expected to use the facility
- Location; i.e., Clubhouse, Lower Pavilion or Upper Pavilion
(b) Reservations do not give any member exclusive rights to use of any of the facilities, and you are expected to respect the rights of others if you are in the area of a party in progress.
(c) If you use the Clubhouse during cool weather, always turn the thermostat to 60 or lower when you leave.
(d) The member who reserved the facility will be held responsible for cleaning the property COMPLETELY. If left un-cleaned, expulsion from the Club is likely. Also the member is responsible for any damages caused during his/her party.
3. Attend at least one work party each 1/2 of the year.
4. Run for or accept an office in the Club.
5. Pay Dues early, preferably in January.
6. Regular monthly meeting is 4th Monday of each month. You are encouraged to attend all meetings.
7. You may recommend new members. Ask Officer for rules.
8. Enjoy the Club facilities, and remember that it is YOURS. Always treat it with respect and demand that others do also. '