1. When entering the Club grounds, lock the gate behind you with the combination lock, unless here for a short period of time and/or in an area the gate can be monitored. Use both locks when you are the last one out.
  2. No wading or swimming in the lake.
  3. No outboard motors allowed on the lake unless authorized by the Fish Committee for work purposes. Electric trolling motors permitted.
  4. Children of Members (as outlined in Article 4; Section 4) less than 14 years old must be accompanied by a Member of the household or a relative over 16 years old when on Club property. A Primary and/or Secondary Member must be present on the property with their household Members unless otherwise stated in these documents.
  5. No one under the age of 14 years of age is allowed to use any boat on the lake unless accompanied by a Household Member over 16 years of age. Limit of three (3) occupants per boat.
  6. One life preserver per person must be available in the boat.
  7. Only one boat permitted per member per day.
  8. Return Club boats, oars, life preservers and anchors to the boathouse in the same condition as you found them.
  9. No littering the lake or Club grounds with refuse or items of any kind. Do not throw rocks anywhere in the lake. Waste cans are provided for refuse.
  10. Temporary use by organizations i.e., scouts, church groups, etc., for fishing, camping and general use of the Club, is allowable by special permission, and conditions (which can include proof of insurance), from the Board of Directors. Family camping allowed for Members with adult Member supervision.
  11. Motorcycles permitted as transportation to the clubhouse. Motorized off-road vehicles, including trail bikes, four-wheelers, are not allowed off the paved roads. Electric golf carts are acceptable. Do not take vehicles off the paved roads in areas marked “No Vehicles” and/or where the vehicle may cause damage to the grass and premises. Club work vehicles of any kind excepted.
  12. Do not leave in the clubhouse, opened food, foodstuffs, condiments, vegetables, meats, perishables. Acceptable items are, unopened bottled or canned soda, beer, drinks, can goods and ice.
  13. Vehicles allowed only in designated parking areas.
  14. The use or possession of Cannabis (marijuana) or CBD oil, legal or not, nor any controlled substance or narcotics is strictly prohibited on the premises.
  15. No burning (including garbage) on Club grounds except in designated areas.
  16. All Members reserve the right to demand the display of any Member’s Membership card for identification or verification.
  17. No Member shall loan their key or card, or share the combination code, to a non-member to use the facilities. This is grounds for immediate termination of their Membership without any refunds.



  1. No pets allowed in the clubhouse or patio.
  2. Club Members having parties are responsible for:
    1. Conduct of guests.
    2. Damages caused by them and/or their guests.
    3. Cleanup after parties no later than 10:00 a.m. the following day.
  3. No overnight sleeping permitted in the clubhouse or patio.
  4. Limit of 49 people per party at the clubhouse.
  5. No smoking or vaping in the clubhouse or screened-in areas.
  6. When you wish to reserve the clubhouse or either pavilion, contact Don Omohundro at (618) 604-7226i and have following following information ready.:
    1. Member's name.
    2. Membership number.
    3. Member's phone numbers and email.
    4. Number of people expected at the party and purpose of the party, i.e. birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. (for Club’s internal data).
    5. Length of time expected to use the facility.
    6. Location; i.e., whether clubhouse, Lower Pavilion or Upper Pavilion. If not specified, the Club will assume you signed up for the clubhouse.
    7.   The online calendar is located at link to schedule the Clubhouse
    8.  Email requests to
    9. Reservations do not give any Member exclusive rights to the use of any of the facilities. Respect the rights of others if you are around the area of a party in progress.
  7. When you leave, adjust the thermostat to the temperature range designated on the sign by the thermostat. (currently, there is no A/C)
  8. The Member who reserved the facility will be responsible for the COMPLETE cleaning of the property used. If left un-cleaned, a cleanup fee and/or discipline from the Club is possible. The Member is responsible for any damages caused by his/her party. Curfew for parties at the clubhouse is______ and with all attendees exiting the grounds before _______. (to be determined).
  9. Alcoholic beverages are permissible when used responsibly. The sale of alcohol is prohibited without the written approval and conditions laid out by the Board.
  10. Follow the instructions on the TV when watching TV and using the TV for playing video games.
  11. The Club is not responsible to provide trash bags, dishes, utensils, paper towels and/or cleaning supplies. You’re welcome to use any supplies, and/or cleaning supplies Members left. The Club as a courtesy may remove snow.
  12. Toiletries, brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, are in the furnace room.
  13. Enjoy your Club facilities, and remember that it is YOURS. Always treat it with respect and demand that others do also.




  1. Fishing restricted to:
    1. Primary and Secondary Members and their household when accompanied by the Primary and/or Secondary Member.
    2. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren through the end of the year he/she turns 18 years old when accompanied by their grandparent(s) who is a dues-paying member.
    3. One (1) guest of an unmarried Primary Member, unless they have designated a “Secondary Member”.
    4.   GUESTS You may bring guests to fish for $5 per day per guest.  Catch and release.  Pay in the Clubhouse cash and/or credit card
  2. State law requires a fishing license on private club lakes, the same as required for public lakes in Illinois. (See a copy on the bulletin board).
  3. No fishing with carp, goldfish, or minnows for bait.
  4. All fishermen must record their catch not released, in the supplied area by the gate.
  5. No fish cleaning on the grounds, in the lake, or in the clubhouse.
  6. Possession and size limits must be observed by all fishermen. Limits are per fisherman.
  7. No trotlines, limb lines or jugs permitted. Limit of two (2) fishing poles per person fishing. No standing on the frozen lake to fish.
  8. Tagged fish should be weighed, measured, recorded, and returned to the lake.
  9. Observe rules for using boats.
  10. Respect others, including but not limited to, no loud music, horseplay or abusing the premises.